Working for an intentional employer can transform a life. Tina Marie’s employer helped connect her to a home through Habitat for Humanity, helped with a loan, and he even picked her kids up from school! TinaMarie says, “I owe all this to God, but also to Steve.”

After many years of moving from job to job, TinaMarie met Steve Warner with AutoSearch USA in 2011. Due to previous experience, TinaMarie was very knowledgeable about the car business, but it was the values and Steve’s faith in Christ that drew her to the company.  She shared. “Steve always said, ‘family first’ which was important to me since I was pretty much a single mother most of the time.”

Working for Steve had an incredible impact on TinaMarie and her family.  When TinaMarie started working for Steve, her husband was transitioning from prison and her daughters were ages 4 and 10. Moving around frequently, she was forced to drive long distances for daycare and school and it was hard and tiresome. Steve knew someone involved with Habitat for Humanity and encouraged TinaMarie to apply. 

When TinaMarie found out that she was chosen for a Habitat home, she was shocked because she thought her credit was terrible. There were hurdles to jump through to complete the process. Steve helped her negotiate with the lenders and also helped with a loan to clear up some of her debt.  TinaMarie believes God truly put Steve in their life for a reason and it was unfolding before her eyes. She started her sweat equity hours to help build the home and in January of 2014, she moved in.

TinaMarie said of her employer; “He has always been encouraging and he is a great mentor.  I broke my ankle in 2014 and he was there to help me get through it.” Steve and the Sales Manager at AutoSearch helped pick her girls up from school. Steve’s wife, Kris, did physical therapy at no charge. TinaMarie said, “They are both such life savers.”

TinaMarie’s husband got out of prison and decided his family was more important than drugs. With the help of God, he became sober in 2013.  During this time, TinaMarie started attending Flatirons Community Church and the SHIFT program. SHIFT helped TinaMarie with healing and the decision to reunite with her husband. They both have been attending Flatirons since and call it their church home.

Working at AutoSearch USA allows TinaMarie to be proud of her faith in Christ.  She said that Steve makes you feel like you are part of a close-knit family. TinaMarie has worked for Steve over 9 years and she is now the Office Manager/Title Clerk.

“Working for Steve has been life-changing in many ways and will always have a lasting impact on my life and the life of my family”, TinaMarie shared.