Thrive partners with employers in a wide range of industries across the Front Range in Colorado.

We hope to connect job seekers to good employers who are hiring.

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An employer partner supports Thrive’s mission and is open to the possibility of hiring Thrive members for vacant positions they may have in their company.

Thrive members are job seekers who have gained valuable skills through completing our employment workshop and are committed to finding a job.


  • When jobs are gained, lives are changed! By providing stable employment, employers restore dignity, instill hope, and create a transformational impact in the lives of individuals and their families.
  • Thrive members are connected with employment coaches who support them for up to one year. This level of support contributes to employee retention as individuals stabilize and maintain employment.
  • There is no cost to partner with Thrive. While we connect job seekers to our partner list, we believe in the agency of our Thrive members to pursue opportunities themselves with the support of Thrive staff and employment coaches.


  • Employer partners are listed on our website under the JOB SEEKER tab.
  • Thrive members explore our list of partners as they consider opportunities.
  • Thrive members apply for positions that are a fit for their interests, skills, and abilities. Thrive does not match job candidates with employers and we are not a placement agency.
  • If a Thrive member applies for a specific position, Thrive may reach out to the employer. We encourage employers to interview Thrive applicants who meet the qualifications and skills of the position.
  • Thrive may request feedback after interviews, which has been shown to be beneficial as job candidates enhance their skills
  • If a partner extends a job offer to a Thrive member, they adhere to their standard hiring procedures.

    Be part of the solution. Partner with Thrive.