About Thrive

Thrive is an employment support program that helps people overcome barriers and work their way to self-sufficiency and stability through employment.  


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The Need

The challenge of poverty and unemployment impacts Colorado families:

  • 89% of single mothers and 70% of single fathers lack adequate income to meet their families’ basic needs.1
  • Unemployment has a detrimental effect on an individual’s physical and mental health and work ability. 2
  • Men with criminal histories in Colorado can expect to earn an average of $23,500 annually compared to nearly $40,000 for those without criminal histories. 3

Thrive serves unemployed or underemployed adults experiencing significant barriers to employment.

We come alongside job seekers and provide the resources, support, and encouragement needed to get hired, stay in a job, and achieve goals.

When individuals gain employment, they begin to thrive. When individuals thrive, families thrive. When families thrive, communities can be transformed, dignity is restored, hope is renewed, and goals are achieved.

1 2022 study by the Colorado Center on Law & Policy called “Overlooked and Undercounted”
2 Gebel 2014; Maier 2006; McKee‐Ryan 2005; Paul 2009
3 The Bell Policy Center’s “Guide to Economic Mobility in Colorado”


A Colorado where all people experience the economic freedom of work.

Mission Statement

Thrive partners with willing and capable people to work toward the goal of economic self-sufficiency and stability through employment.

Our Team

Howard Stevenson

Howard Stevenson

Executive Director

Sue Erickson

Sue Erickson

Employer Engagement Director

Angela Martinez

Angela Martinez

Program Coordinator

Diane Blau

Diane Blau

Volunteer Coordinator

400+ Satisfied Job Seekers

“I never had goals before I went to Thrive. I had never thought that far ahead. But since going to Thrive I see more hope and possibility than ever before because I know I’m capable now.”

- Torie C.

“Even though my coach is a coach, I see him as a friend who teaches me how to be stable and self-sufficient. Thrive is a place where you can know that someone cares about you. And that’s a huge thing.”

- Ociel G.