Our Partners 

Thrive partnerships in different areas to increase its capacity. 

Financial Partnerships 

Thrive relies on monetary support from grant funding, individuals, and churches.  We seek foundations that align with the mission and vision of Thrive in order to accomplish its missional goals.  Often our supporters have personal or business goals that align with values of Thrive.  This makes for a win-win situation for the donor and for the organization. 

Employer Partnerships

Thrive collaborates with over 200 employers that have expressed interest in hiring members. This employer network connects job seekers with employers that offer full-time work, a fair wage, and benefits. From the time a member is hired, Thrive provides ongoing support to both members and employers. Thrive is in the process of strengthening these partnerships by developing an Intentional Employment Network. This network comprises employers who are committed to Thrive’s mission, aware of the needs and barriers facing members, willing to employ people with those barriers, and prepared to provide them with patient training, mentoring, and skills development. As intentional hiring efforts grow, Thrive anticipates an increase in the number of employed members as well as increased member progress toward economic self-sufficiency.  

Community Partnerships 

In addition to its employer partners, Thrive partners with over 50 community organizations to collaborate and coordinate services, creating a holistic support network around members. Thrive refers members to its community partners for assistance with food, transportation, counseling, medical needs, budgeting, and other services, and often invites partner agencies to participate in workshops. Having a strong working knowledge of these organizations and the services they offer allows Thrive to stay focused on employment and ensure it is not duplicating programming that already exists. 

Why I Give

“I believe in and support Thrive because of their mission to meet people where they are and help increase economic self-sufficiency through employment. I myself struggled to find meaningful employment after the recession and unemployment or underemployment can really take a toll on ones confidence and overall well being. Most of us want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and contribute to our local communities in a meaningful way. Thrive helps individuals increase their confidence and dig “back into the skills” that will make them a great asset for an employer.”

– Thrive Board Member