If achieving economic self-sufficiency and stability feels like a far-off or impossible goal, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help. We’ve helped hundreds of capable and willing people overcome barriers by providing them with the tools to help them secure a stable job.


Are you a Good Fit for Thrive?

Thrive serves job seekers who are looking to become self-sufficient and contribute to their community through meaningful work.

You are a good fit for Thrive if you can say YES to any of the statements below:

  • Your household income is not able to provide for your basic needs including housing and food.
  • You are receiving government assistance and would like to find a good job with benefits. 
  • You have a criminal history and want to move forward with your life.  
  • You are living with family or friends due to financial reasons and look forward to being independent.
  • You are a single parent with the goal of providing for your children’s needs.

In addition, job seekers need to be:

  • Willing and capable of working. 
  • Understand and comprehend English.
  • Legally able to work in the US (or your application is in process).

Thrive believes that everyone is created with unique gifts and skills and has a responsibility to steward those gifts and add value to the world in the workplace. While our motivation comes from our faith and some workshop sessions refer to this, Thrive is open to anyone regardless of their beliefs. All are welcome.

Benefits of becoming a Thrive member

  • Professional support from an employment coach who walks alongside you in your employment journey.
  • Training on strategies to obtain a job, overcome barriers, and succeed in the workplace.
  • Connection to the Thrive community including other job seekers, staff, volunteers, and employer partners.
  • Ongoing access to services and resources at no cost for the rest of your life.

Quotes from Thrive Members

“Even though I am going through rough times, I know I am tough, and I know I can do it! It feels good to have the tools I need to succeed.”. 

“Before the workshop, I felt overwhelmed with the job search. Now, I have steps and tools to find direction and I feel like I know where I am going.”

“I am grateful for Thrive meeting us where we are in our walk and helping us understand and prioritize our personal values. “

In Person and Virtual Workshop Dates

Live Workshops are offered monthly and require a 2-day commitment.

Workshops are scheduled on the third Thursday and Friday every month from 9am-4pm.

April 18 & 19
May 16 & 17
June 20 & 21

In Person
Via Zoom
In Person

July 18 & 19
August 15 & 16
Sept 19 & 20

Via Zoom
In Person
Via Zoom

October 17 & 18
November 21 & 22

In Person
Via Zoom