Rick Block, the owner of S&R Environmental Consulting Inc. (S&R), believes in the work of Thrive. S&R provides multi-dimensional, full-service environmental consulting to Denver and Colorado business and residential clients. Rick and S&R chose to partner with Thrive because he sincerely believes in the mission and desires to use his business for the glory of God. He intentionally hires those earnestly looking for work, even if they have past issues. Rick shares, “I believe we all have made mistakes, and the only important person we are accountable to is the Lord Jesus Christ. Rick has hired four Thrive members over the years and recently hired Mack Long, a Thrive member who was interested in returning to his field of accounting.

Pictured: Rick Block, left, and Mack right

After Mack was laid off in 2008, he had a hard time finding another accounting job. He had been preparing income tax returns part-time and doing security for events, but he wanted to find a full-time job in his career area. He knew he had expertise to offer. While he had interviews, everywhere he turned, he was striking out. He figured his age was a factor and some of his skills were outdated. He questioned his usefulness, felt devalued and forgotten by God. 

Mack was defeated when he enrolled in the Thrive workshop in January of 2019. His son attended Flatirons Church and encouraged him to enroll.  He promised his son he would give it a try, although he honestly did not think it would help. During the workshop, Mack learned to overcome his barriers. He realized he still had a purpose and was valued in the sight of the Lord.  Mack shared, “It is important to look inside, know your story, but not let your past define you. What I learned about myself during the Thrive workshop ignited a fire within me and I realized God is not done with me yet! Mack knew he could still contribute, he just needed to get out there and do it. Thrive helped him with the confidence to set goals for his future. 

Mack’s Thrive coach, Tim, has been a great source of encouragement and told Mack, “You are great at what you do. You need to command the room. You are an accounting expert. Be available. Be ready. When they are ready to go, you need to be ready to go.” He pushed him, held him accountable, and encouraged him to apply even If he didn’t get a response. Mack felt accepted where he was and never felt judged. He sensed right away that coaching was not an obligation. He felt Tim was genuinely interested in him as a person and was a wonderful example of loving others the way Jesus modeled.

During the interview at S&R, Mack sensed the owner, Rick Block, had a good heart, was not judgmental, and was willing to give second chances. He did not need someone who was perfect, but someone who could do the job, add value, and help the company succeed.  

Now that he is employed, Mack looks forward to enjoying life, having more cash flow, and visiting his kids and grandkids. He feels good about himself and is more optimistic. He feels valuable and proud to be doing something worthwhile.

When asked what he would say to other employers who may be considering intentional hiring, Rick shares, “You have a purpose for being in business. We are blessed to be a blessing to others.” He also states, “You learn something about yourself, you learn something about your business, and you have an opportunity to be used by God.