In Her Own Words – Rebecca 

Before attending the workshop, I worked mostly in temporary contracting type jobs. It was hard working as a contractor for so long. Working as a contractor did not provide benefits, an opportunity to have a permanent position or even an opportunity for advancement and learning I was so discouraged and was unhappy until one day I was at a women’s gathering and came across the Thrive program, which got my attention. 

I attended the Thrive workshop in October of 2017.  The decision to participate in the workshop was one of the best decisions I have made.  After the workshop, I met my Thrive coach, Angie. She was such a fantastic person and got me out of my shell.  Angie kept in contact with me and meeting with me to see how things were going with my job. 

The program taught me how to be confident, to conduct my job search, and interviewing skills. Not long after the completion of the workshop, I got a job. I worked for a company for a little over a year before the layoffs of company personnel began to happen.  

I contacted Thrive again to see what my options were. Sue Erickson was such a great help and assisted me with my job search again. I took the skills I learned from the program and interviewed and received a job with another great company, Sitewise LLC   

I think what attracted me to my current position at Sitewise was the location, health benefits, and the environment. I work with a great team, and I know I can always go to my team members for assistance.  At Sitewise, I can work at my own pace and keep busy.  I have also received excellent feedback from upper management on my progress. It’s so great to work for a company that appreciates you and wants to see you grow. 

The experience with Thrive has been so amazing. The Thrive staff and my coach really did a great job of helping me.  I will always be grateful for people at Thrive and the hard work they do to help members find success. 

Thrive Member, Rebecca

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