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COVID – 19 Resources for Employers 

We care about our employers and desire to equip you in this unusual and turbulent times.  Here are some resources to help you at this time. 


Topic-Based Resources

Second Chance
Employment  Resources

Looking to Hire (Remerg)

Directory of Community Organizations:

Remerg is a Denver-based nonprofit organization, provides a re-entry website that offers resources for those transitioning from incarceration. One of the resources is a Directory of Community Organizations, where you’ll find a statewide list of community organizations that support individuals looking for employment.


These toolkits are designed to equip and support businesses as they embrace and adopt Second Chance Employment.   

Getting Talent Back to Work 

The toolkit empowers business and HR leaders to confidently evaluate applicants with criminal records by equipping them with the latest research, evidence-based best practices and industry guidance needed to reduce legal liability and increase inclusive hiring from this untapped talent pool. 

Colorado Second Chance Hiring Guide

DKBF Foundation

Background Check

Checkr Background Checks 

Background check company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make hiring more inclusive and more efficient.  


Second Chance Stories

Nehemiah Manufacturing 

Read success stories of Nehemiah Manufacturing Co., a Cincinnati-based manufacturing company committed to giving people a second chance.  

Survey of HR professionals shows no difference between performance of people who have been incarcerated and others in their organizations  

Additional Resources

Savings Accounts

Building Savings for Success (pdf)
Individual development accounts (IDAs) help low-income families save by matching their personal savings for specific investments. This white paper is the first evaluation of the Assets for Independence (AFI) program, a federally supported IDA grant program. 

Matched Saving Accounts (IDAs) pdf  prove to be effective tools for helping individuals save, acquire assets, and develop financial skills  

Employers and Child Care 

Why Businesses Should Care about Child Care (pdf)
Research shows child care problems significantly reduce how much time working parents can spend at work, impair workers’ ability to be productive, and adversely affect workers’ decisions about their careers. 

Ascend at the Aspen Institute / 2 Gen Toolkit (pdf)
A hub of breakthrough ideas and collaborations related to a two-generation approach (2Gen) that focuses on children and their parents together.   

Biblical Principles 

Modern Day Gleaning 
Christianity Today article on what companies might learn from the Old Testament practice of gleaning.  

See our stories of inspiration for ways kindgom-minded principles are being lived out in the work place. 

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