Intentional Employment Network

The Network (IEN) is made of up business owners and leaders who want to make a transformational impact in the lives of employees through creating a caring company culture and intentionally hiring individuals with barriers that others may overlook.

The Intentional Employment Network is designed to share inspirational stories and best practices of employers and other workforce organizations in our community who are working with the marginalized.

The Intentional Employment Network will connect employers to one another and to other workforce organizations 
in our community serving individuals 
with barriers as they achieve self-sufficiency and stability.  

The Intentional Employment Network will gather and share resources, examples and ideas from 
industry leaders and those who are leveraging their business for the Kingdom. 

What is an Intentional Employer?

 Intentional employers are business leaders who:

      • Create a caring culture that has a transformational impact in the lives of employees.
      • Understand a good job brings hope and dignity and is instrumental in helping people escape the poverty cycle.
      • Intentionally hire individuals with barriers that others may overlook.
      • Offer strong leadership, create a positive work environment, and build a company culture that provides grace, support, and opportunities for growth.
      • Find ways to help employees overcome obstacles in their journey to stability and self-sufficiency.

Many intentional employers come from a faith-based perspective. Creating a caring culture that supports employees with obstacles and providing jobs to those who are earnestly looking for work, even if they have past issues, is an opportunity to use one’s business for the glory of God.




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We offer ways for employers to connect throughout the year.  Here are three ways to stay “in the know” about connecting:

1. Sign up for our newsletter and email updates. We announce opportunities to learn through email.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up.

2. Reach out! If you want more information about this network, contact Sue.

OR if you attended a Lunch & Learn event, be sure to contact speakers, community partners, or other employers you have met.

3. If you want to suggest an event or a way to connect with other employers, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear your suggestions.

About The Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this make sense?

A good job is an antidote to poverty.  It’s the key to sustained financial health and provides a network of new healthy relationships for people that need them.  

This is a practical way that business leaders can have a significant Kingdom impact through their places of work.   

This is a win/win opportunity. Not only will this change the lives of the people being employed, but it will also help change the culture of your business in a positive way. 


What are the obstacles?

Often the people needing employment would benefit from additional skills and support to be successful. Thrive exists to come alongside these employees and the employer so both are successful.  

Intentional Hiring can be both powerful and messy. Business leaders need to know this going in and have a clear path for what to do when things don’t go according to plan.  

Obstacles include family challenges, housing, mental health, returning from incarceration and financial burdens and dependency on government relief programs. 

Each person’s circumstances and experiences will be different and will need an individualized approach. 


Work Mentors and Thrive Coaches

You will want to have a mentor from your company staff who is assigned to your intentional hire. This role is crucial to the success of the employee and should be someone who understands the Intentional Employment vision and is compassionate. The mentor should make it a point to connect a couple of times a month with your new hire and simply check in on how things are going. The mentor should also have an open line of communication with the Thrive Coach and give updates when needed.

Thrive coaches work one on one with Thrive members to help them stabilize at work, help overcome obstacles and support them for the first year of employment.  Thrive resources are available to employees and employers for as long as they are needed.

About Thrive

Thrive Intentional Employers: 

  • Are open to intentionally hiring someone with barriers who is trying to break cycles of poverty  
  • Communicate job openings to Thrive that pay a livable wage and have access to benefits  
  • Will enter a collaborative relationship with Thrive with open lines of communication. 

In the event a Thrive member is hired, Intentional Employers: 

  • Discuss clear expectations regarding job responsibilities 
  • Provide support, patience, grace and, if possible, a mentor within the company 
  • Offer training, skill development or pathways to advancement  

Thrive’s support: 

  • Job candidates who complete our employment workshop (Thrive members) are paired one-on-one with an employment coach who supports them for one year. This level of support ultimately benefits the employer as coaches support members not only in obtaining a job but as they stabilize and advance at work. 
  • Strong two-way communication with both employers and employees allows us to follow-up regarding performance and quickly address any issues and concerns that may arise.  
  • Thrive resources are free and available to employers and employees for as long as they are needed. 

Need to Hire?

If you are looking to hire intentionally, our network provides a listing of local workforce organizations for you to partner with. We encourage direct partnership and connection to these organizations. 

Contact Us

If you are an employer who is committed to walking alongside those with barriers as they move to self-sufficiency and stability, the first step is to complete an application on the Thrive website. Some of the text after The first step… is not visible or in a different color

The first step is to complete an employer partner form on the Thrive website. 


Sue Erickson:


102 E. Cleveland St., Suite 200 | Lafayette | CO 80026