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How did Thrive get started?

Thrive was launched in August of 2014 to help people who have struggled to gain or maintain employment. We walk alongside job seekers as they find ways to overcome barriers, go to work, advance and move to economic self-sufficiency. Working closely with a variety of community partners,  Flatirons Community Church  created Thrive as an individual and a community transformation initiative designed to help break cycles of poverty and restore hope and dignity for people that want a better future. At Thrive, it starts with a job!

Thrive on a model developed by Cincinnati Works that has proven to be effective for more than 20 years.

Who does Thrive serve?

Job Seekers:  Our services are best suited for motivated job seekers between 18-49 years old; because the journey to self-sufficiency often requires years of work to gain stability. Members do not need to live in a specific county or service area to qualify. Thrive has a heart for single parents, , and individuals accessing public assistance. Most importantly is the desire and motivation to pursue long-term employment and have the goal of reducing dependence on public assistance. Upon , Thrive staff will work with job seekers to determine if Thrive fits their individuals needs and goals.

What employers does Thrive work with?

Employers: Thrive invites employers that regularly hire an entry to mid-level employees to develop a collaborative partnership. The partnership becomes a win-win solution as employers find qualified job candidates and Thrive members find good jobs.

How much does Thrive cost? 

Does Thrive discriminate based on faith?

No.  Attending our workshop and becoming a Thrive member is open to anyone regardless of spiritual beliefs. There is a spiritual foundation that is integrated throughout Thrive, based on biblical principles and Jesus’ teaching, but there is no requirement to hold certain beliefs to participate.

We believe that God designed people to live life in the context of four key relationships (with God, self, other people, and the rest of creation). We all experience poverty because of brokenness in these areas. Reconciliation in all four of these relationships is needed to experience life as God intended. Our hope is to help Thrive members experience a meaningful life through restored relationships and by achieving stability and economic self-sufficiency. Each person must determine how that relates to where they are currently without any pressure.

I can’t attend the next workshop, what should I do?

Our workshop material provides an important foundation that will be built upon in the coaching relationship. We require in-person attendance each day of the workshop so that the holistic approach can be applied to the job seekers individual circumstances. Workshops are offered throughout the year; and we encourage to see the next dates, here. (Link to page)

How does Thrive support job candidates with employer partners?

While thrive is not a placement agency, we provide a list of job opportunities for a wide range of employers. Thrive candidates apply directly for open positions, then Thrive staff support the application with a 2-way conversation with the employer. This support can lead to a greater chance of a Thrive candidate moving forward in the employment .

Does Thrive receive government funding?

Thrive does not receive any government funding. All our funding comes from individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations that see the value in the mission and work of Thrive. We invite you to join us by investing in the work of Thrive. 

What is the relationship between Thrive and Flatirons Community Church?

Thrive began as a community-wide program of Flatirons Community Church but has now become a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thrive continues to be generously supported by Flatirons Community Church.





When you donate to Thrive you are helping us expand our capacity and work with more willing and capable people that are moving toward economic self-sufficiency and stability through employment. Thank you.


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