Implementing Kingdom Minded Values: AutoSearch USA


Steve Warner started AutoSearch USA with the vision of providing an ethical alternative to purchasing an automobile from traditional dealerships.  For over 21 years, their business has upheld this vision by treating each client with respect and integrity regardless of their financial standing.  Additionally, each of their associates subscribes to the understanding that their business operates upon Christian principals of Integrity, Compassion, Honesty, and Generosity.

Steve firmly believes that God provides their business with opportunities to offer a hand up not a handout by partnering with organizations like Thrive. Steve shared, “Providing Thrive members with a Godly path away from an entitlement mentality towards financial self-sufficiency is a rewarding opportunity.” He recently helped Thrive, member, Jeanette Enriquez, find a Hyundai Sante Fe after the head gasket blew on her car. She purchased the car from money from the sale of her previous car together with funds from R12 Charities, Flatirons Church Benevolence Fund, and funds from connections to two other churches.


In addition to helping those in the community who wish to help themselves, AutoSearch assists employees with financial and credit management education.  Steve shared, “I believe that educating associates to be good stewards of God’s provisions is critical to leading a successful and biblical life.  The most dramatic application of this principle was assisting an associate with getting her “financial house” in order so she would qualify for purchasing a home from Habitat for Humanity.”


When asked what he would say to other employers who may be wanting to apply kingdom-minded principles in the workplace, Steve shared, “Being a compassionate leader is not only about helping to provide financial sustainability but understanding your leadership position calls you to model Christ-like behavior for your entire organization to follow.”