Implementing Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Emotional Intelligence skills are critical for building relationships and teams, resolving conflict, solving problems, leading effectively, and building resilience. The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) is the world’s leading measure of emotional intelligence. Summit Integrated Systems in Louisville has successfully implemented this online assessment tool with its employees.

The EQ-I 2.0 provides individuals with a detailed analysis of their strengths and potential areas for development. It also provides suggested strategies for bringing EQ competencies into balance for greater effectiveness.

Eric Doran, Director of Business Operations at Summit and Thrive Employer Advisory Council member shared, “Investing in Emotional Intelligence tools provides an opportunity for your employee to grow both personally and professionally, which will inevitably show up in their day to day work. It’s a win-win-your employees feel cared for and invested in and you reap the rewards of a more Emotionally Intelligent workforce.” Eric is a certified EQ-I 2.0 coach and was trained with other members of the Summit leadership team.

At Summit, the assessment is optional and about 50% of their employees have opted to participate. The results are shared in a coaching session when Eric reviews the results with the employee and identifies goals. Training is customized. It is not a performance measurement, but rather a benefit for professional and personal growth. At Summit, the work culture has been impacted through this focus and it is common to begin meetings with “emotional check-ins.”

Eric shared that those who are introspective and have an awareness of their emotions have an easier time during this stressful and confusing time. Utilizing the assessment is a hopeful, proactive way that Summit can support the mental health of their team members.

If you are interested in learning more about Summit’s implementation of the EQ-I 2.0, contact Eric Doran, Director of Business Operations at

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