NG Companies is a proven and respected leader in the energy sector dedicated to providing excellence in service. They are an industrial and construction services provider specializing in hydro-excavation in nine states across the US.  

NG models a Kingdom-minded culture that cares for their team members. We interviewed Dusty Gilvin, Vice President of Operations & Human Resources, to hear more about steps they have taken to build their intentional culture.

How does your leadership and culture reflect your values? 

We want to be kind-hearted, accepting of those who have made mistakes, and model a Godly mindset. We all have had struggles and challenges. We believe your past does not define your future. If you are willing to work hard and be dedicated to improving your personal and professional life, you can do great things!

During the pandemic, the leadership and management team took pay-cuts so we could avoid as many lay-offs as possible. One member of the leadership team did not accept a paycheck at all for nearly a year. Our teammates are important as people… and as employees…and we don’t want to lose them.

Share your experience with intentionally hiring individuals that other employers may have overlooked. 

We have hired five individuals with criminal backgrounds who have each served in prison six years or more. One of the individuals was dropped off by the prison van at our door still wearing his prison sweats. He had a friend who he served time with that worked here and he heard it was a good place to work. This month we hired our first Thrive member.

What has worked well?

These men with criminal backgrounds have been our best and most tenured employees.  One of the men who was formerly incarcerated is super committed to our mission. We trust him. He takes new employees under his wing, models what to do, and gets to know them as individuals. If employees are experiencing challenges, he brings their needs to the leadership team so that we can address and offer assistance.

What has been challenging?

Skeletons in the closet can resurface. We want to coach and guide our team to face their challenges head-on and help them make choices that are different than what was customary in the past. We want to help them find the resources they need.

What steps have you taken to help employees who are struggling financially?

  • We have established a non-profit separate from the company, NG Cares, to provide funds for individuals and families who are struggling. The program is intended to be used for serious problems affecting one of our team members. As an example, one employee had a wife who was struggling and a child that was having issues at school and who was eventually removed from home.  NG Cares helped pay for time away from work so the family could work through the issues and, once things were stable, a week-long vacation at a lodge so the family could have a stress-free environment to reconnect.
  • Our 401K provider set up free individual appointments to teach employees how to budget and learn to save money.
  • Benefits partners come to every safety meeting to talk to the team about ways to save costs on medical insurance and preventative care treatments.

Through taking these steps, what is God teaching you? 

I am learning to show empathy and to love people simply because they are God’s children. Just because someone has made mistakes, it does not mean they are not worthy of God’s love. It’s up to us to help them navigate, push them, and teach them that they can still have a good life. It just takes faith, humility, and lots of hard work. 


NG would love to learn what other employers are doing to build their culture. To connect with Dusty Gilvin, Vice President of Operations & Human Resources, click here.