L & R Pallet, a Denver company in the wooden pallet manufacturing and recycling industry, provides a real-life example of how faith and work can intersect in business. Owners, James and CarineRuder, are open to sharing their experience with intentional hiring and implementing a healthy company culture and Kingdom business model. James states, “What God actually did was open my heart to try refugees as part of our staffing solution. This gave me ‘purpose’ and taught me what the Bible looked like in 3D.  I often refer to the refuges as my teachers, because I learned so much about what I didn’t know about people in general.  Most all of that was learning the hard way…”

In the process of intentional hiring, the Ruders say that there was a mountain of unique challenges. L&R failed miserably for almost 2 years and then finally things start to click at 36 months. If employers want to be successful in hiring people within the margins, James believes a change of heart is needed.  It is not easy work, and yet it is extremely fulfilling.

Employers are invited to tour L&R Pallet, review HR materials and engage in Q&A regarding the L&R business model – People. Pallets. Purpose. (provide hyperlink as underlined in L&R business model)Tours occur the first and third Wednesday afternoons each month. Please contact Sue Erickson if you are interested in visiting with employers within the Intentional Hiring Network. We will schedule a time when we can explore and learn together.

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