This month we are featuring one of Thrive’s intentional employers, Caltuck LLC, a family-owned network integration company in Longmont that has been in business for 5 years. Owners David and Sharon Kennedy have achieved a degree of success in terms of financial stability and customer retention and are now able to focus on company culture. As a result, they can be more intentional about their values when it comes to hiring.

A few years ago, they hired an individual with a felony in his background. He was hard-working and showed initiative. He moved on to another IT company where he rose to the Director of Sales. He now owns his own company and Caltuck is one of their customers. Caltuck wants to see their employees better themselves, learn and grow. David Kennedy, Owner/Engineer, shared, “We want to capitalize on the fact that we are a small group where individuals are very much encouraged to bring their ideas to the collective.”

One way they support their employees is helping them save money and cut expenses through providing a membership to Team National, a program that provides savings and value-added services on a wide range of consumer products. They also offer a savings incentive match plan for employees.

They are currently looking at ways to solidify as a group with social events that employees and their families would enjoy, such as a company night out at Top Golf.

Caltuck’s current success has come from  stellar customer service. Their biggest customers are recurring and longstanding and because their needs are met, and problems are fixed fast. They have reached out to Thrive to find additional employees and are looking for individuals that would exemplify that standard of integrity and service.

Thrive is looking to partner with employers like Caltuck that offer strong leadership and a caring culture. If you would like to partner with Thrive, reach out to Sue.