R12 Charities

R12 Charities is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing generous and timely automotive repair and maintenance assistance to those in need.

They partner with a network of local poverty-alleviation agencies and support individuals by decreasing the stress of automobile maintenance so that they can attain their goal of attaining family and financial health.

Kevin Vannorsdel, Executive Director, shared that R12’s mission is to help folks who have demonstrated significant desire and motivation to change their lives for the better and help break the cycle of poverty while creating and contributing to a cycle of success for themselves and others.  Kevin finds that agencies like Thrive embody the same guiding principles and make excellent partners.

Kevin shared his thoughts on God’s design, “God created us for many reasons- one of them being to work.  I think at our core we as humans love productivity and being part of an effective team accomplishing a goal.  I believe that once we individually recognize this God-given characteristic, we will find much satisfaction and even happiness in our daily work.”

Kevin believes employers who understand this and have the freedom to help their employee’s in this regard are playing a pivotal role in God’s design for work. Along the same lines, during Thrive’s employment workshops, Thrive teaches we are stewards and have a responsibility to use the gifts and skills that God has uniquely given us in the workplace. Through partnerships with community organizations like R12, together we are helping individuals experience hope through the transformative power of work.  

For more information about R12 Charities visit, https://r12c.org/