During our Intentional Employment Network (IEN) Share Group in May, Dan Kaskubar, founder of Spur LLC*, posed the question, “What does charity look like as a business owner?” 

To frame the discussion, Dan introduced the 8 Levels of Charity. The ladder provides a guide for the significance of a charitable gift. Dan introduced the idea that the highest form of charity prevents dependence and results in the recipient becoming self-sufficient. What better way to help an individual move to self-sufficiency and stability than providing employment so they can provide for themselves and their family? Dan shared that contributing to worthy causes isn’t only good, it’s obedient: a mandate for Christians. It has the power to transform communities and improve livelihoods. Through giving we acknowledge the provision of God. Yet giving is at its best when it is prevented altogether! Creating honorable work for our employees and serving our customers well while upholding high ethical standards can become the highest form of charity.

During the IEN Share Group, we engaged in meaningful conversation. After our time together, one of our new intentional employers, Edmond Johnson of Premier Manufacturing shared, “That was one of the most heartfelt exchanges I’ve had in my business journey.”

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* Spur is a coaching organization inspired by Hebrews 10.24 to develop managers and supervisors into the leader-coaches their frontline employees need them to be to flourish as employees and people.