Angela* came to Activate never having worked a permanent, full-time job and without any education beyond high school. She had some small customer service jobs in her past and was motivated to complete a local 6-week workforce development program. They built on that experience and drive, plus her enthusiasm and coachability, to ensure she developed into a true professional as a Front Desk Administrator for a business services provider in downtown Denver. A year and a half later, she is described by the Director of Operations as a “thriving and integral part of our team. She is one of the most coachable people I have ever worked with, and outperforms our other hire coming from the more traditional background of college educated with previous experience.” A promotion and three raises later, Angela and her preschool-age son are thriving as she receives a total compensation package worth over $60,000.

*Name changed for privacy 

About Activate: Activate’s mission is to activate low-income individuals into their inherent potential through the dignity of work. Together with their nonprofit and employer partners throughout the Denver metro area, they are building an alternative workforce ecosystem built on excellence. This creates first opportunities and second chances for those who not only need a job, but want a career and demonstrate the initiative and work ethic needed to get there. For more information visit,